Home Entertainment ‘I’m The Greatest Rapper Alive’ – 21 Savage Claims

‘I’m The Greatest Rapper Alive’ – 21 Savage Claims


‘I’m The Greatest Rapper Alive’ – 21 Savage Claims

Rapper, takes a bold step to claim he is the greatest rapper alive after the release of his project ‘I Am > I Was‘. There are a few that deserve to be named the greatest rapper alive. Jay-Z, , and a few others immediately come to mind.

21 Savage has only been in the game for a few years and we’ve witnessed him grow immensely as an artist. With the release of his newest album, the Atlanta rapper is feeling himself quite a bit. He’s so impressed with his musical ability that he’s calling himself the “greatest rapper alive” in a new post.

If we’re being honest, nobody would believe in 21 Savage if he didn’t believe in himself first. It’s claims like this that have brought his confidence to new highs, allowing him to shine brightly on his latest effort. Many would disagree with his braggadocious statement that he’s the best thing in hip-hop right now, but it’s almost inarguable that he should be in the conversation for “most improved.” In promoting I Am > I Was, Savage asked fans what their favorite new song is and in doing so, he took claim of the rap crown as the best alive. He wrote, “greatest rapper alive” next to plenty of goat emojis.

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