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IDK – Once Upon A Time Lyrics ft Denzel Curry

IDK – Once Upon A Time Lyrics ft Denzel Curry

IDK – Once Upon A Time Lyrics ft Denzel Curry

Upon A Time Lyrics by IDK feat Denzel Curry.

[Verse 1 – Denzel Curry]
Uh, when it comes to wordplay I’m bringing it
Everything I do is spine tingling
Guarantee to keep your mind lingering
When it comes down to me and the world, I’m fingering
Me against the world, leave the full of pearls
Oyster, guarantee to get the pussyy moister
If the earth don’t wanna be saved I disappoint her
As I constantly try to evolve just like a Togepi
Keep my pockets thick as The Parkers, Professor Oglevee
No ones sick as me, have the common cold catch a cold from me
Isn’t it ironic the younger me is the older me?
Fans demand that I rap about s–t I did at seventeen
Might as well I cut my hair off and take some LSD

[Verse 2 – IDK]
Disrespect Zel’ and I might have to raise hell
The only way you live is if you saved by the bell
‘Cause I’m teaching n—-s lessons while they find a way to fail
That’s the reason why I think you n—-s tripping like you fell
Well, I flip a coin and make a wish
I wish these p—y n—-s found a way to hop up off my d–k
I flick my wrist and make her disappear, now that’s a f—–g trick
I trick a n—a off the liquor to give me the before I f—–g flip him
The diamonds on my neck wet flippa’
She wet but her last man wasn’t a good swimmer
Sim Simma, who got the keys to my Beemer?
And then I check my pockets like oh it’s me n—a “Skrrt”

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[Verse 3 – Denzel Curry]
Remember to remember
Matter fact, remember the fifth of November
Too many scars upon my face, no Simba
Rappers thinking they the most dark but I’m dimmer
Mos Def and grimmer
Dare to witness the superficial, mean and vicious
I’m mad as an infant without a parent having interest
Suspicious intent, riding around in five percent tint
Will push your cap back and send your soul to new dimensions
The ammunition only ignited my ignition
My ambition is only make right decisions on my mission
My division is separate from my business and my b—–s
Every sentence and line is a reflection of time

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[Verse 4 – IDK]
My times table never was good at the time I was nine
At seventeen I was forced in a 9 to the 5
So 9 times out of 10 I’m despising the eyes of the greedy ones
All around me like some f—–g flies
Get away, bye-bye, NSYNC, lie-lie
Instinct, y’all n—-s so far from telling me how to live my
Just suck my d–k and bump my s–t
And stream my s–t so I can go and count my grip
Reverse the slavery every time I pull out my whip
Then pull up on a racist race like I am the s–t
I limp towards the cake ’cause I am the pimp
Ain’t nobody f—–g my contracts up like Prince, uh

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IDK – Once Upon A Time Lyrics ft Denzel Curry
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