Identical Twins Girls Become Transgender Brothers

Identical Twins Girls Become Transgender Brothers


Identical Twins Girls Become Transgender Brothers

Identical twin girls, Jack and Jace Grafe, 23 who used cry themselves to sleep and prayed to wake up as boys when they were , have transitioned and are now transgender brothers.

The transgender brothers who grew up in Baltimore, Maryland as identical twin girls, before moving to Monroe, Georgia, started life as Jaclyn and in June 1995, and grew up in a conservative home.

Jack and Jace who came out at the age of 18 and are now transitioning as a duo in a rare case, have the same , have grown facial hair since they began taking testosterone in April 2017 and underwent chest surgery in August.

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Sharing their story, the criminal graduates who both work in law enforcement, admitted that the fear of coming out was huge, but having a twin going through the same experience provided incredible emotional support.

Identical Twins Girls Become Transgender Brothers

Jack, a deputy sheriff’s officer, said:

“As a kid would cry and pray to God that would wake up in a male body, not even understanding that being transgender was a thing.

“Now, I am the happiest with myself that I have been in my entire life. That uncomfortable feeling we had before has completely gone. “When we came out, it was to our whole family – mum, dad and our older sister.

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“Our parents had never seen anything like it. They have never experienced G. or transgender people and my dad is a pastor. We live in Georgia. “At work I have had my fair share of people calling me a ‘s***’ – she, he, it. Usually they just don’t understand.

“People still refer to us as female. Whenever I hear ‘she’ or ‘her’ it is like a kick in the stomach. “It hurts but I get it. At a young age, I was skeptical of it myself. For some people, it is a hard pill to swallow. “There are times when I wish I was just born – and I don’t mean this in a negative way -but ‘normal’, and that I was biologically male.

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Jace, who is also a deputy officer and just started in the police academy, added:

“Honestly, the twin thing has helped. “If I was to go back to when I was 15 or 16 I would never think in a million years that I would have got to this point.”It was a fantasy and I always wished it was going to happy but I wasn’t brave enough. I didn’t have the guts.

“Being a twin means I don’t feel alone. Somebody else is experiencing the exact same things as I am going through and that made me stronger.”

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