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Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Danny Wolf Hoodwolf (Intro) Lyrics

Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Danny Wolf Hoodwolf (Intro) Lyrics

Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Danny Wolf Hoodwolf (Intro) Lyrics

Hoodwolf (Intro) Lyrics by Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Danny Wolf

Hoodrich s–t n—a, rich hood n—a
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Pablo Juan n—a
F–k going on, HoodWolf
Go ‘head O
Danny I see you
I’m saying, n—a wanna be famous, gotta put a n—a on the news n—a
I’m saying f–k n—a, yeah, yeah

New chain, I call it Joe Frazier
Whip the dope, beat the pot like I’m Bojangles
The price of fame, he won’t be famous
Put a price on his head now he with the angels
FN plastic the Glock, it’s stainless
Moneyrag on my new chain b—h I’m banging
Still on that b——t, we armed and dangerous
Internet gangsters, that’s real entertainment
Real street n—a, feds watching every angle
Biscotti, Gelato, it look like a mango
12 tapping my phone, had to switch up my lingo
Catch him and call out his number like Bingo
Bought a new coupe, same color the gringo
Bricks on the north side, I f–k with the Migos
Short money n—a, you Danny DeVito
Headshot, wrap his a-s up like burrito
Pull up on the plug, get a bird and it’s fly like a eagle
He think we cool, I’ma get him, I’m evil

Whipping that dope, same color white beetle
Dive headfirst in the water like a seagull
Serve you a sixteen like it was a feature
Got on the ice and a heater
Got money, plugs, and guns, b—h I don’t need you
Pop, there go the weasel
N—a I know your mama taught you better
Shoot, I hit in the head like a header
I f—-d on his b—h as soon as I met her
Still in the hood, you know I’m with whatever
I’m pushing heavyweight, you light as a feather
I’m a king, you playing, it’s chess, not checkers
These n—-s they be flexing like wrestlers
Baow, hit him in the head, call a stretcher
I hope that boy got Progressive “I hope he do”
I got white girl for the low like molesters “white girl”
Play with the gang and you won’t be successful
Pull up, my shooters they geeked up on ‘Tuss
Cut off a finger, he touching the treasure
Make it his trigger finger, even better
Cut off his d–k, he a snitch like Shredder
Bullet shower, you gon’ need an umbrella


Produced By: Otxhello & Danny Wolf

Released: July 20, 2018

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