Hella Bars Lyrics Sik World

Hella Bars Lyrics Sik World
Lyrics of Hella Bars Song By Sik World
of Hella Bars Song By Sik World

Song: Hella Bars

Singer/Band: Sik World

Lyrics of Hella Bars By Sik World

[Verse 1]
Wish I can say “Squadddddddd”
-But it’s just me and myself
Ah Fuck it then “Squaddddddd”
-Yeah It’s just me and myself

That’s all I need, so it’s fuck everybody else
That’s what I think, so it’s fuck everybody else
All about me, I don’t trust anybody else
Y’all are gon’ see, motherfuck anybody else

Haters lie, numbers don’t – look at what I’m doing
Charted higher than most all over iTunes &
Now I got all of you tuned in to my music
I tried to be buddy buddy but just I can’t do it

I see fakes poppin up & im like “I knew it!”
Funny how they try to talk to me like I’m stupid
Smiling while tryna take advantage of my movement
Showing fake love just to get a cut of what I’m doing

You’re in the same position, because you lack passion
Chasing money won’t get you far, and I’m far passed it
I cultivated a fan base that is mad massive
Im rising fast and half of you bitches can’t stand it

They say I rap to sad, here’s something that’s a bit savage
How many of you new rappers went and bit savage, (21)
Welcome to the match show I light up whoever your gassin!
It’s Sik World, bitch, you can’t avoid me like taxes!

Who’s tryna diss me please, I’ll blast em
Just cause I rap don’t mean there’s no caskets
I’ll body, anybody tryna stop me, I’ll drag em
I’ll body, anybody tryna stop me, It’s a habit

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Girls throw there selves at me but I can’t catch em
I gave one the Sik dick, now shes a damn addict
My games stupid, i needa take special ed classes
If you can’t see that I’m LIT, then get some new glasses!

The world wanting me to fall psh, not in my life
I determined the length of my success every night
‘Cause I work every night, I mean every night
I mean if I’m not working I’m sworking every time

‘Cause I’m plotting the next move, see when you decided
You own your life, you tell the to please hold the dice
We don’t gamble with it, we just calculate and we
And by my calculations Imma make it by twenty-five!


My ex is a mess I ain’t lookin back
She’s back with her ex, would you look at that (yikes)
She wants a new start – Never took her back
Gave that bitch my heart – but I took it back
My ex is a mess I ain’t lookin back
She’s back with her ex, would you look at that (yikes)
She wants a new start – Never took her back
Gave that bitch my heart – but I took it back

[Verse 2]
Long as your scrolling, I’m one you won’t forget
Sik World bitch – I’m all over the internet
I remember all the days that I was living in debt
Now Im making a living ’cause I’m pressing down ya neck.. I

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Got rappers like oh-oh
Been rapping since Jo-Jo
Dropped “get out”
& Used Nickelodeon as promo!
They want quit, ah no no

Fuck no swear I am only getting started
Imma put real back in music I promise
Imma give my all of me til all of me’s exhausted
& Fuck love id rather fall in love with process

Girls ask me who I’m with as if their an option
Its none of you biz biz biz like a wasp nest
And if your hates me it because he is not this
And there is not girl that I can not hit… i’ll

Fuck ya baby mama I can do without a condom
Its gunna be a lotta drama, after a new baby pops up and he kinda resembles me after ya baby mama promise we did nada, She’s a liar ’cause after that night at Benihana’s
We went into the Telly (hotel) and I went and slid behind her and she smile & we started tung twistin our siliva & she rode me a Honda
I was smacking she was slobbin on my nuts, I thought of you, and said fuck it and went and busted on her

Bitch I’m hotter than a sauna, or Lana in east Atlanta
Stripping outta her pajamas, and it sponsored
You are Rhonda, you’ll lose twice you shoulda not a
Talked alotta to your opponents now ya gotta
Take your L, like ‘obster’ (lobster), Imma fuckin

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Imma billboard chartin artist, Imma get it bitch, I promise
Can’t caught up in the fame, ’cause I know that I gotta callin
In music im balls in deep & I am swimming In the waters
With parana’s, in these parts you’ll get smoke like wiz’s ganja

I’m tired of all you rappers. I’ll show the shinks in ya amour
I father all of you plus I serial kill every single genre
I’m beyond a rapper, I’m an artist coming from the bottom
Please Holla at me, if youre tryna rock out like nirvana

Girls get dolled up, when I come to there city, hoping allla my
Dollars will end up sliding-deep down inside of their wallets
I gotta Latina girl that lets me bust all over her gata
If she tries to call me I’ll tell her I’ll hit her back mañana – omg

Oh my god. – no is fucking with us
Oh my god. – All of you rappers are fucked!
Oh my god. – Really I’m just having fun
Oh my god. – Some of y’all thought I was done

I’m the one, I dead any body in it
I just spit it how I spit it now look at the way I’m living
Alive to make a killing, it’s goodbye and ridens
To my beat I just killed it, yeah I am always spitting Hella bars boii

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