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G-Eazy – Let Me Work Lyrics

G-Eazy – Let Me Work Lyrics

G-Eazy – Let Me Work Lyrics

Let Me Work Lyrics by G-Eazy

[Intro – G-Eazy]
Let me roll up my sleeves and go to work
Beautiful and Damned “Just Blaze”

[Verse 1 – G-Eazy]
It’s that motherfucking time again
Tell my diary what’s on my mind again
Just play a beat, I’ma crack an ice cold Heineken
The studio that Pac got shot in, currently I’m rhyming in
If you told my younger self that this the place you find me in
I would not believe you, these results are so astonishing
Demons chasing me, I ran from Lucifer Leviathan
The beautiful and damned, I got a fetish for the finer things
That’s a quarter million on some tires that I’m driving in
Pull up the McLaren like that’s just some shit to travel in
Russell Westbrook triple-double averaging
Most improved player, they don’t know what the fuck is happening
The homies like “You’re snapping”
My mood’s Olympic champion throwing a fucking javelin
Episode 3 Anakin
My favorite rapper’s Gerald, I’m a very big fan of him
You won’t get nowhere stalling and you standing like a mannequin
Why the fuck you panicking? I understand the task at hand

Let me work
What do you know about work?
Let me work
I’m talking about getting up five days a week, brushing ya teeth, washing your ass, going into your office and making some old guy rich paid album
Let me roll up my sleeves and go to work
That’s a motherfucking job

[Verse 2 – G-Eazy]
It’s still that muthafucking time again
Blacking out, don’t give a fuck about a thing
Fuck the world that’s just the state of mind I’m in
That’s the place you find me in
Look, ain’t nobody live as him
Million dollar smile that I just went and put some diamonds in “yeah”
These rappers sneak diss when I came up, they prolly mad I’m on
But then they transformed and changed up like a Decepticon
Bunch of bootleg Geralds copying what I went platinum on
But the real, it’s me myself and I, you all be dead and gone
Disrespect me, don’t come to the bay, your pass is gone
My Obi-Wan is E-4-0, he giving game, I pass it on
Study him ’cause he the one that lasted long
This beat I go assassin on
I just took some acid, hit the booth, and started rapping strong
Treat the studio like a decathlon
Never slowing down, I’m tryna put my whole damn family on
Work every night, I go ’til after dawn
To be the biggest thing in the world, I’m not the one to pass up on

Let me work
Look, you could be a fucking bank teller, you could be a waitress
Let me work
Or wash cars, sell clothes at a fucking boutique. Alright listen, you’re making somebody else rich. You’re punching that clock. You clock in, you clock out, you making that money
Let me roll up my sleeves and go to work
How does that work?

[Verse 3 – G-Eazy]
A fucking hater’s always looking, tryna search for targets
If you don’t know me, don’t speak on me, stick to your departments
While they debate if I’m an urban artist
Or if I’m merging markets
All I really know, I’m just working hardest
And ’til the day I die, I’m hustling, doing work regardless
I’m in my twenties, if I go I leave a perfect carcass
A polarizing artist
But you could love or hate me
But try and say I don’t pay my dues, fuck off, how dumb could they be
Nobody help to make me
I did it by my lonely
Who else did songs with everybody Britney Spears to Mozzy?
You New York Times aristocrats you should just relax
You miss the facts
Bitch, I’m from the Bay, was born to bridge the gaps
And I’m a legend in my city, they say “His shit slaps”
Said I’ma go and sell a million, I’ma get these plaques
And bring ’em back to inspire every kid who raps
I’m Michael Phelps, get out my lane, I’m swimming different laps

Let me work
Let me roll up my sleeves and go to work


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