Fun Things To Do In A Sex Free Relationship

Fun Things To Do In A Sex-Free Relationship

Fun Things To Do In A Sex-Free Relationship

It’s untrue that a relationship won’t work without sex. A relationship will be as beautiful or ugly as you both make it, sex or no sex. The only thing that can define your relationship is what you let. If you have decided to have a sex-free relationship, here are fun things to do to make it remain beautiful.

1. Play games

Your relationship shouldn’t be too serious. Have healthy fun! Laughter has a way of lightening things up. Play TV games, truth or dare or any game you guys find fun. Playing the same game over and over again can be quite boring so put your creativity to test. Instead of getting sexual when you know you aren’t ready to go all the way, play games. It’s fun to invite friends to join too.

2. Do stuff together

Cook, do laundry, go shopping, go to the barber’s or hairstylist’s, and do together things you would have otherwise done alone. This helps you both be more involved in each other’s lives and at the same time makes you both grow fonder.

3. Fight

Those fights about nothing in a relationship is everything! You don’t have sex? Then have fights! Things like, “You let the phone ring too long when I called, I’m not talking to you anymore!” or “You use the bigger side of the blanket when we sleep and leave me the smaller side!” or even “You replied my text with an ‘ok’ ” are kinda romantic. Being ‘fake’ mad at your partner and having them beg is fun. Just make sure you both know it’s nothing serious.

4. Start something together

Think of something you both are passionate about and start it up together. Surely as a couple, there will be one or two things you have a mutual interest in. If there isn’t, create it. It could be a Youtube vlog, a clothing line, a dancing class, a business, a whatever.

5. Talk 

Unknown to a lot of couples, they do not communicate. Communication is key, communication is fun, communication is everything and one of the easiest ways it is done is 0ral. Talk to your partner about something funny that happened to you during the day or just about your day, your feeling, your fears, anything at all. Just being together, staring into your eyes and relating your thoughts or anything at all is intimate.

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