FSB (Federal Scholarship Board) Scholarship Application Guide for 2018

FSB (Federal Scholarship Board) Scholarship Application Guide for 2018

FSB (Federal Scholarship Board) Scholarship Application Guide for 2018

FSB scholarship (Federal Scholarship Board) opens new oppotunities for Nigerian students who want to get benefits from the scheme. The Nigerian Scholarship Board provides 3 scholarship schemes. Let’s take a look at what is offered for them!


The Nigerian Scholarship Board provides the following scholarship to be acquired by Nigerian students:

  • Bilateral Education Agreement Awards;
  • Nigerian Awards;
  • Commonwealth Awards.

Let’s take a look at the process of the FSB scholarship Nigeria.



Our government runs this scheme with 12 countries, namely:
  • Ukraine;
  • Turkey;
  • Tunisia;
  • Serbia;
  • Russia;
  • Romania;
  • Morocco;
  • Hungary;
  • Egypt;
  • Cuba;
  • China;
  • Algeria.

The candidates for this type of scholarship are to be selected on merit from all 36 states of Nigeria. The Board is to provide FSB scholarship results with the indication of the state of origin and performance of candidates. The application is usually opened in January and ends in February. All candidates are allowed to choose up to two countries where they want to study.

How can you be eligible for this scholarship? An applicant should have five distinctions in his examination certificate which includes Mathematics and English. The O’level of the candidate should be no more than two years old. Nevertheless, some countries prefer that the O’level certificate not more than one year old.

All the countries except Hungary teach their languages. Therefore, it’s needed to go through at least one year of language courses.

What are the benefits or this programme? The countries where the students are about to study will provide school fees, accommodation and stipend the students with medical insurance. According to the FSB sources, each Nigerian student receives $500 in clothing and insurance. The government also returns the ticket and provide the undergraduate students with a grant of N60,000.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old to proceed with the scholarship. If you want to go through the undergraduate programme, then you should be no more than 20 years old.


This scholarship is designed to provide the award according to the state of origin of the candidates. The candidates may only apply after completing of Part One with a CGPA or 100 Level. Every candidate must score more than 80% average score to be eligible for the programme. If the candidate can achieve these results and maintain them, then the government will sponsor it until the graduation.

The age limit for undergraduate students on this programme is 20 years. The candidates shouldn’t be selected if they are under 18 years old. The maximum age for the post-graduation candidates is 35 years old. If you want to get a doctorate with this scholarship, then the age limit is 40 years old.

The beneficiaries receive about N100,000 per academic session. Undergraduates receive about N150,000 per academic session. Post-graduates receive about N180,000.

According to the information from the FSB scholarship Nigeria, about 3000 Nigerians get this scholarship every year.


According to the information from the FSB scholarship, candidates may only apply for the scholarship when the Commonwealth Secretariat opens it. All the Commonwealth countries use English as their language of study. Therefore, you can choose to study in any country of Commonwealth if you meet the requirements of the country you apply.

The scholarship is fully sponsored, and the Federal Government of Nigeria does not pay anything. The application is usually opened in December and ends in March. However, it can be prolonged according to the instructions from the Commonwealth Secretariat. Nevertheless, only seventeen people received the invitation to study according to the Commonwealth Programme in 2017.

Do not forget that the Commonwealth scholarship is for postgraduates and doctorate degree applicants only. It’s needed to poses the Second Class Upper to be eligible for the scholarship. If you want to get a doctorate degree from the scholarship, then you have to provide your Masters Degree. For people who want to obtain Masters Degree, it’s necessary to provide the bachelor of science degree.


The Secretary of FSB, Mrs. Ahmad in one of the interviews to the Premium Times, reported about the lack of the strong system to identify indigenes of a particular state. In most cases, it’s difficult to identify whether a person is eligible to take a certain scholarship or not. One of the biggest parts of the scholarships is the 0ral interview, where everything can be decided. Therefore, the choosing one candidate over other can be just a choice of the people who interview the candidates.

The FSB scholarship is one of the best opportunities for Nigerians to study. Nevertheless, the amount of these scholarships is limited, and only the most brilliant students may take a chance to acquire them.

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