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Flavour Reveals Why He Dumped Sandra Okagbue For Anna Banner


Nigerian singing sensation and songwriter, Chinedu Okoli, better known by stage name, N’abania or simply Flavour has in a way, revealed why his for dumping Sandra Okagbue for Anna Banner.

This, he does as he reacted to a fan’s comment in a new he shared on Instagram – the fan, with the handle, @gracedmavin who reacted to Flavour’s in which he taught one of his daughter’s how to play the piano, wrote;

a woman but never fall in with a woman.never.fall in with ur purpose and passion and stay there.any woman who wants more than the u can give her,???CUT HER OFF.learn from the last Adam (Jesus) and not the first Adam (akpamu)

However another follower @stew_goddes who reacted to the comment above, wrote;

May some useless man cut your sisters and future daughters off too

@gracedmavin wrote in rejoinder;

hahahaha.favour did the exact same thing I posted and that post was a comment of accolade to favours wisdom in choice.favour focused on his music and career(purpose) and he loves women but never lost focus on his purpose.annie on the other hand being a virtous woman, understood this mystery and did not contend with this space and that attracted favour to her more than the others because she understands her role which is the divine guide to grow in his purpose and passion.it is a secret only few people know and that my comment was a metaphor in praise to both of them.something they call wordplay in english.

well thank you for insulting my sisters but it is up to them to make the right choices and it has nothing bto do with what u say.but u see??you have joined the people both online and offline who proves me right that leaving that thing called was the best decision ever.i believe In Jesus and my intimacy and personal relationship has grown in him but 98% of people are like you.they insult people’s parents and sisters everywhere cos they carry deep seated hatred and bitterness.but like Jesus I choose to bless,ur sisters and brothers will find favour in all they do.u also will prosper and will find peace and rest in all you do.his love will protect you and keep u and provide all ur in Jesus name amen.shalom

Flavour who revealed why he dumped Sandra Okagbue for Anna Banner as he endorsed his fan’s comment, then wrote;

@gracedmarvin u are really blessed with wisdom

Exchange below,

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