E-Money, House And Cars – Cost Of Each Cars And Interior Of His Mansion (Photos)

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E-Money, House And Cars – Cost Of Each Cars And Interior Of His Mansion (Photos)

E-Money is extremely rich, and you are probably dying to know what this man has in store! His luxurious way of life is admired by some Nigerians and loathed by others. Read everything about E-Money mansion and cars, and see all of his possessions that he often flaunts on social media.

E-Money: why did he become famous?

The real name of E-Money is Emeka Okonkwo, and he was born on February 18th, 1981. This man is only thirty-seven years old, and he already has a huge fortune. That is why he received a nickname “E-Money” – it stuck to him after the public demonstration of his luxurious life on social media. Of course, so many Nigerians want to know where he got these possessions from.

All we know is that Emeka does not work in Nollywood, but he is connected with show business. He is also a younger brother of the famous Nigerian celebrity Kcee (Kingsley Okonkwo), who is a talented singer and performer. E-Money is also an owner of the Five Star music studio. But this is not his sole source of income – he is a respectable person in oil and gas industry.

Despite all the rumors about E-money being supported by wealthy parents or his wealthy brother, he actually rose from rags to riches. Even when he married his beloved wife Juliet, he was broke, and all he had was hopes for the better. When Emeka met Juliet, they became real friends, and she was always supportive of his every step as he dreamed to become a successful celebrity like his brother.

But at first, he could not even afford the wedding. Emeka ignored all the failures – he kept searching for opportunities and never gave up easily. In the end, his effort was awarded by the 2 million dollar contract, which changed his life forever. Now, he is not only the business giant in Nigeria but a happy family man with the wife who always believed in him and their three little boys.

His family resides in the United Kingdom, while he runs business affairs in Nigeria but distance does not matter for him, because he often visits his loved ones.

E-Money, House And Cars – Cost Of Each Cars And Interior Of His Mansion (Photos)

If the story of Emeka Okonkwo made you curious about him, you can read his full biography and find out more exciting details about this man.

Now, you know how E-money became who he is now, let’s take an exclusive peek into his possessions. How much luxurious stuff does he have? We gathered the most trustworthy information about E-money houses and cars for you. It is impressive how much this man can afford at this young age!

E-Money, House And Cars – Cost Of Each Cars And Interior Of His Mansion (Photos)


E-Money house

Emeka Okonkwo is owner of a gorgeous house in Lekki, Lagos State. All the celebrities and wealthy people have mansions in this luxurious area, so E-Money decided to join them. According to the reports, this house is worth over N250 million. From the interior of the house, it looks like the favorite colors of E-Money are white and golden because the mansion is mostly decorated in these tones.

E-Money, House And Cars – Cost Of Each Cars And Interior Of His Mansion (Photos)

E-Money mansion contains a lot of luxurious objects. For instance, it has some tables and chairs which are made of gold, as well as enormous beds and pricey electronic items. Emeka has a private gym in his house, where he often exercises. To add more to it, there is a pool, where the famous businessman likes to hang out with his friends.

The house follows Middle-Eastern themes, which Emeka is clearly a fan of. E-Money is extremely proud of his house, and he often posts pictures of his family on social media, where they are hanging out in the luxurious mansion and performing various family activities. His kids especially love spending time in this gorgeous house, because there is plenty of room for them to play. Reports say that the police experts have advised E-Money not to show off his riches so much, because some people may not like it, and he might expose his family to dangerous situations.

E-Money, House And Cars – Cost Of Each Cars And Interior Of His Mansion (Photos)

E-Money cars

This rich man does not spare his money when it comes to the most expensive cars. He is a huge car lover and makes sure that he has all the latest models in his garage. For instance, he purchased a Lexus LX 570 2017, a brand new car, the price of which is estimated to be about $90,000. E-Money does not only buy cars for himself but also for his family and friends. The media found out that he bought a super expensive present for his brother Kcee – the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, which cost him about N20,000,000.

Some of the other luxurious automobiles that E-Money owns are Range, Jaguars, Rovers Sports, G-Wagons, BMWs, and Prado Jeeps. He often posts these cars on his Instagram and flaunts them. Nobody knows the exact number of cars that he possesses, but all we know is that he has a lot, and they are all extremely expensive. The overall price of them is estimated to be about $1,000,000.

E-Money, House And Cars – Cost Of Each Cars And Interior Of His Mansion (Photos)

E-Money is an excellent example of a man who rose from poverty to riches and now, he can afford to buy everything for himself and his family. We are sure that he appreciates his loved ones and they mean so much more to them than all the riches.

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