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Drake – Is There More Lyrics

Drake – Is There More Lyrics

Drake – Is There More Lyrics

Is There More Lyrics by Drake

[Verse 1 – Drake]
Only holding up I do is my end of the bargain
Only begging that I do is me begging your pardon
Only trying that I do is me trying the hardest
Only problems I do are math problems with profit
Only lying I do is lying out in the tropics
Only crying I do is crying from laughing ’bout it
Only lacking I can do is my lack of responses
Only rest that I do is “Where the rest of my commas”
Still I rise, Maya Angelou vibes
When life coming at you from all angles and sides
And they don’t wanna see that you smiling from inside
It really boils down to how you plan to survive
Love certain ones but never get attached to ’em
Give ’em nice things, but what’s that to ’em?

Especially when another girl I flew in is flicking up in my bathroom
And they recognize the bathroom
All hell starts to break loose in my texts
I only tell lies to who I gotta protect
I would rather have you remember me how we met
I would rather lose my leg than lose their respect
But that’ll never happen the way I’m watching my step
That ain’t what I’m ’bout
I’m in control of my destiny, never in doubt
If I can’t make it with you, I’ll make it without
They say take the good with the bad, I’ll take it without
Houston women I wine-and-dine and take to the house
My moral compass is janky, it breaks in the south

[Hook/Chorus – Drake]
Is there more to life than digits and banking accounts?
Is there more to life than saying I figured it out?
Is there more? Yeah

[Verse 2 – Drake]
Sweeter the berry, the blacker the juice
The boy is back in the booth, ready to tap in the truth
Too many lyrics ’bout houses and loot
Too many Walt Disney characters, mouses and goofs
I mean you know I love a challenge, but challenged by who?
I’ll let you bring a thousand recruits
My peers are a talented group
But even if you take all their statistics and carry the two
Even if you rounded up the numbers and rounded the troops
There’s still nothing they could really do
It’s too bad reality checks don’t cover the balances due
Whenever it’s time to recoup
Yeah, soon as this album drop I’m out of the deal
In the house playing D’Angelo, “How Does It Feel?”
I got a fear of having things on my mind when I die
What you got? Time on your hands or time on your side?
Is there any sense in doing these songs when I’m high?
Is there more to life than going on trips to Dubai?
Yachts on 4th of July, G5 soaring the skies
Is there more to life than all of these corporate ties
And all of these fortunate times
And all of these asses that never come in proportionate size?
Am I missing something that’s more important to find?
Like healing my soul, like family time

[Hook/Chorus – Drake]
Is there more to life than just when I’m feeling alive?
Is there more?

[Outro – Nai Palm]
Passion, instant
Sweat beads, feel me “feel me”
Cupid’s shot me
My heartbeat’s racing “my heartbeat’s racing”
Tempt me, drive me “tempt me”
Feels so exciting
Thought of highly “highly”
It’s yours entirely
I’ll be, I’ll be more than a lover
More than a woman
More than your lover for you

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