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Download The Stolen Deal Season 2

The Stolen Deal Season 2

The Stolen Deal Season 2

This gripping movie is an expansive collection of avarice, selfishness, betrayal, deceit and victimization with a blend of altruism, power and struggle. All beautifully harmonised in one piece. The irresponsible and evil acts of the king and the supposed elders of a community towards the people incidentally triggered a chain of unprecedented events and actions by some daring youths in that very community. One may never know the true meaning of desperation until one finds himself in a very desperate situation that requires desperate measures. Cast: Sylvester Madu, Kelvin Brooks, Charles Murphy I, Uche Benjamin, Gift Mbanaso and Ferdinand Ohans Producer: Gift Mbanaso Director: Chikelue Okonkwo Company: Godson Productions Ltd Year: 2017


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