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Download Jehovah Witness Season 1 – Chioma Chukwuka


Jehovah witness season 1

Can you separate from ? Can you separate for from love for humanity? Can there ever be righteousness without love for others? Here is an interesting story focusing on a young lady known as sister Makuo(Chioma Chukwuka) who is an epitome of righteousness and godliness on the external but inwardly is a different and unbelievable nature. In this movie you will definitely be convinced that these self righteous Christians are among the worst individuals that are capable of destroying lives.
movies starring: Chioma Chukwuka, Quincy Onwuka, Chris Okorondu, Irene, Norbert Waski Oguegbu and Austin Okwelum
Producer: Nickson Nwankwo
Director: Andronicus Emeka Titus
Company: Nickson Production Ltd
Year: 2017

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