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Download Jehovah Witness Season 1 – Chioma Chukwuka


Jehovah witness season 1

Can you separate from ? Can you separate for God from for humanity? Can there ever be righteousness without for others? Here is an interesting story focusing on a young lady known as sister Makuo(Chioma Chukwuka) who is an epitome of righteousness and godliness on the external but inwardly is a different and unbelievable nature. In this movie you will definitely be convinced that these self righteous Christians are among the worst individuals that are capable of destroying lives.
Nollywood movies starring: Chioma Chukwuka, Quincy Onwuka, Chris Okorondu, Irene, Norbert Waski Oguegbu and Austin Okwelum
Producer: Nickson Nwankwo
: Andronicus Emeka Titus
Company: Nickson Production Ltd
Year: 2017

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