Dolce & Gabbana Under Fire for Racist Chinese Ad

Dolce & Gabbana Under Fire for Racist Chinese Ad

Dolce & Gabbana Under Fire for Racist Chinese Ad

Dolce & Gabbana has canceled a Shanghai fashion show after Chinese social media users accused Stefano Gabbana, one of the two designers, of being racist.

Drama started after the fashion company shared an ad many people thought was offensive, in which a young Chinese woman is taught to eat Italian food with chopsticks. Traditional Chinese-sounding music plays in the background. As she flirts with the camera, a male narrator asks, “Is it too huge for you?”

When one user pointed that out in a private Instagram message to Mr. Gabbana ’s, he insulted the user and ridiculed the Chinese. This stirred major reactions on social media, and now Mr. Gabbana claims his account got H@cked.

See the response:

And the company’s denial:

However, this is not the first time Mr. Gabbana would be picking fights online.

He famously clashed with Elton John after the fashion designer criticized in vitro fertilization, prompting the legendary singer to create a hashtag, #boycottdolcegabbana. He also insulted Miley Cyrus when she commented on Instagram that she disagreed with his politics and those of his partner, Domenico Dolce.

Mr. Gabbana has also called the singer Selena Gomez “ugly” and hit back at critics of a sneaker with the phrase “I’m thin & gorgeous” written on the side, posting, “Darling, you prefer to be fat and full of cholesterol??? I think u have a problem,” he once said.

And this is why many people don’t believe the claim that his account got H@cked.

“I am having a hard time believing the notion that both social media accounts were H@cked, especially when Mr. Gabbana has a proven track record of trolling everyone under the sun, from celebrities like Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez to influencers like Chiara Ferragni, both on public feed posts or on comments,” said fashion blogger Bryan Yambao.

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