DJ Spinall ft. Sharon Nasa – Skit Lyrics

DJ Spinall ft. Sharon Nasa - Skit Lyrics

Skit Lyrics by DJ Spinall ft. Sharon Nasa

Have you lost your actual mind?
You have gone two days and you haven’t said a word
What comes into that friendship
Do you think this is?

Do you think this works on your term
That when you feel like, I don’t know
Ohh my friend Sharon I thought (?) you would call me
(?) Leave me the fuck off
You don’t go two days and not say a word
Not oh hey did you get to whoever the fuck you were getting alright
What the fuck

It doesn’t work like that
It’s a two way friendship ok?
So you don’t just do what you….ehm…I don’t know
You just don’t do as you please
You just don’t do that

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Anyway how are you?
You are so annoying
How…you’ve gone two days and haven’t said a word
You’ve been weird infact
These last couple of days

Actually the last past week
You’ve been fucking weird
Haven’t you?
You haven’t said nothing to me
We’ve barely spoken
I’ve had to be the one who is al … Desmond how are you?
No! fuck off Desmond
You fucking checking on me
I miss you
That’s all

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