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Dave East – I’m Good Cuz, Enjoy (Detox) Lyrics

Dave East – I’m Good Cuz, Enjoy (Detox) Lyrics

Dave East – I’m Good Cuz, Enjoy (Detox) Lyrics

I’m Good Cuz, Enjoy (Detox) Lyrics by Dave East

[Intro – Michael Wright, John Terrell, Dave East]
My style, n—a, even tryna riff like me
Aye, man, why do you get your boy outta here and detox him
You want my spot, Flash? Hm?
Slum dwelling, scum sucking, slug a-s mo’f—-r
You want my spot, Flash!? Huh?
Well you ain’t gon get it!
‘Cause you ain’t got it
You? You been on my d–k, n—a
You love my style
“I wanna be him”
I know

I guess n—-s wanna be famous, that s–t cool with me
I’m what they aspire to be, s–t they mood is me
That Instagram chatting ain’t really moving me
You mad at yourself, that s–t ain’t got nothing to do with me
D–n, homie, couple years ago it looked like you would be the man, homie
What the f–k happened to you? Your origins don’t attract bread
You one gram away from being a crackhead
Your s–t got quiet, you had to act dead
D–k eater, ball grabber
You wanted to be me since wet met, you just a tall rapper “dat all”

None of them kids around your way even look up to you “none”
You just seen me, show me love, that’s the s–t suckers do “sucker”
How you let the moves that I’m making really hurt your life?
Know you don’t like me, when you see me you give me merchandise?
I threw that bum a-s hat out on the Bruckner “on God”
Japan trash and you ain’t even nicer than your brother “no”
All them n—-s in your comments p—y, they wanted verses
If they don’t rap, they don’t even matter, them n—-s worthless “who are they”

I’m the reason you thinking you could be relevant
That s–t you sniffing, you should be selling it, thought you’d never switch
Before this Gucci, you knew me for straight hoodies
How you from the Bronx and can’t get a feature from A Boogie?
That’s word to Tookie, this Harlem Mafia Crip “Loc”
If it’s smoke then it’s smoke, don’t tried to hide with no diss “with no diss”
I had n—-s you never seen on your block cooling “ready”
Tried to bring you out in Texas, this n—a couldn’t stop drooling “Pookie”
You a fiend, you on molly, you on lean
You on xannies, you percs, you wear panties and a skirt “p—y”
Get a Funk Flex freestyle ‘fore you think about talking slick

And tell your little homie, one shot deals, to get off my d–k “please”
I tried to be humble as long as I could
These n—-s is fans, I got fans in all of they hoods
We was doing shows together “uhh”, never hit no hoes together “none”
You’s a weirdo and, honestly, in your heart, you know I’m better “you know”
80’s side? Homie, you’s a military Navy guy
You the dirtiest rapper in New York and every day I’m fly “fly”
You ain’t rich rolling, you struggling stuck
And everytime you saw me n—a it was nothing but love “all love”
Go watch my KD video, you in that s–t dancing
You ain’t know that asking for smoke help get you cancer?

Die slow, ya’ll n—-s doing this for retweets
And I still call Budda Da Future, when I need beats “when I need beats, my n—a”
Since you love Maino, go make a million with him
Phone out to recording, can’t wait to say you chilling with him
I call my locs in L.A and they never heard of you “nobody”
I call my locs in New York and they never heard of you “nobody”
My Philly n—-s don’t bang, they just want to murder you
You wanted some minutes of fame, I guess you deserve a few “I got you”
I prey to Allah you take this personal
Twin caskets, one of them bastards gon’ share a hearse with you
Spit in your face, you’s a stan
Your brother shop in Chinatown how the f–k you call him Japan? “ha”

A label from your deal, that’s something you want
You got to stop mixing dust in your blunt “stop”
You got to stop sniffing coke “stop”
Make a song to give your n—-s some hope
It ain’t nothin for us to bet cause all them n—-s broke
That window of opportunity closing fast “closed”
If there’s a race in New York, all I know is these n—-s last “n—-s last”
You still live in the same building where I met you
Sucker n—-s gassing you, telling you that you special “you ain’t s–t”
It’s sad none of them rappers your respect, respect you “none”
Them dirty a-s Chucks, I’m ’bout to re-up on jet fuel “we out”

Bum-a-s n—a you older than me
As far as the industry, don’t nobody know you but me “nobody”
I’m up in Harlem everyday, tell me who targeting me “who?”
N—-s just wanna be my friends, they tryna argue with me “not today”
I even put you on my mixtape, I ain’t want to shoot no video
You n—-s is corny, word to Debo, you’ll don’t hear me though
Don’t have us camping on your block
Laying up under cars, you drunk already, you can’t handle these shots
You like Pookie when Ice-T tried to help him get on the right track “uh”
Them drugs keep calling you, I know it’s real hard to fight back
They always on us, ain’t got to ask, where the pipe at?

You can never do what I did, I know you don’t like that
When n—-s mention New York and name don’t ever come up
Suck my d–k, catch me in traffic, sundown to sun-up
I got signed by a legend, I’mma always have one-up “always”
Before I even took this s–t serious, had my thumbs up
Heard you was Gangsta Crip “uh”
But now you Neighborhood “word?”
I’m out in Cali with it, you n—-s just play your hood
Got n—-s calling me and I ain’t ’bout to say you good
Y’all did bad, ain’t nothing you can say that’s gon’ make it good “not a word”
Could of had a meeting there was something to discuss

I’m clutching on this pistol, y’all n—-s just clutching my nuts
At least I got a sprinter for n—-s, y’all jump from the bus “word”
I’m f—–g with Snoop, f—–g with ‘Kiss, f—–g with Puff “legends”
You f—–g with blues, f—–g with sniff, f—–g with dust “dope”
You ever did a tour, we putting a bomb under your bus “boom”
I might stunt through Central Park, Horse and Carriage my n—-s
You look like a custy, on God, you embarrass your n—a
F–k favors, from here on out, I’m embarassing n—-s “f–k ’em”
They already dead, I got the money to bury them n—-s “charging”
1 point 5 in year, you can’t even imagine
Too many subliminals, honestly I needed some action “I love it”
I got a label I could give you a deal
You stressing, probably finessing the perk man just to give you a pill
P—y boy, I’m in a different degree
Cashing out, I’m getting what n—-s is gettin for a brick just to speak
I know you want my spot, why the f–k else you mentioning me? “why else?”
Ain’t got to put a bag on you cause you gon’ get it for free “nothing”
Ain’t going back and forth, see me when you see me my n—a
You even went braided your hair, you wanna be me lil n—a

How your man call you a bum-a-s n—a?
One and done, no back and forth, man
Karma 2
I love this s–t

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