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Dave East – Highly Anticipated Lyrics ft Lil Durk

Dave East – Highly Anticipated Lyrics ft Lil Durk

Dave East – Highly Anticipated Lyrics ft Lil Durk

Highly Anticipated Lyrics by Dave East ft Lil Durk

They say I’m highly anticipated, uh
They say I’m highly anticipated, uh
They say I’m highly anticipated, uh

[Verse 1 – Dave East & “Lil Durk”]
They say I’m highly anticipated
She boujee, she highly sophisticated
Jump on a highway, we rental plated
Them n—-s ain’t riding, they giving statements
Bust down my watch, diamonds in the face
I got haters proud to say I made it “proud”
I got the loud, I’m in a spaceship “loud”
Them n—-s ain’t wild that’s
I broke down a pound down in the basement
I don’t got time to take a photo “yeah, yeah”
Pistol loaded, b—h I’m yelling yolo
N—-s out here telling I was selling dolo
I ain’t not no m———–g roll model “role model”
They put my face on a gold bottle
You won’t throw hollows, you want no problems
You wan’t no smoke, n—a, don’t bother “ah”

Herbo want Tia or Tamera or something “ooh”
They don’t pay up, then we answer “grah”
I might collab with Moncler or something
Like my b—h is naked wearing nothing “wearing nothing”
She ain’t mine, we share something “share something”
You acting like you can’t hear or something “hear or something”
I be talking to the mirror trying to see it clear
‘Nother a half a million coming “ugh”
She on my d–k, that’s a kill coming
F–k the opps, they ain’t killed nothing
I was lean drinking, I was pill dumping
How your a-s fake and you a real ?
I was out grinding, for real popping “for real”
For Halloween, we was still pumping
Shooter acting like a barber now
When the spot packed, n—-s still cutting

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[Verse 2 – Lil Durk & “Dave East”]
Ooh, woah, I put my heart and my soul in this “heart and soul”
‘Cause I be riding with the gangsters
Why the system tryna control my s–t? “I don’t know”
They only doing it ’cause I’m famous “famous n—a”
Grew my dreads back, f–k the wave grease
Who would’ve thought I’d be right here right now with Dave East? “Durkio”
I’m with the scammers, the robbers on the daily “my n—-s”
And I be smiling at the n—-s who done played me, yeah, yeah ” f–k ’em”
You don’t know, I came from nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
You don’t know “you don’t know, n—a”
You don’t know, I came from hustling, hustling, hustling ” hustle”

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Can’t no old head mislead me “nah”
Had to leave my old b—h ’cause that b—h greedy
I tried to go and clean my image, tried to feed the needy
And I told all of my guys, they back, can’t make a n—a bleed me, yeah, yeah
I can’t keep no secret, I f—-d a famous hoe “me too”
I ain’t trick off, she tricked off on me, I saved the hoe
And I f—-d his baby mama with the plainest clothes
I ain’t want no Patek, ain’t want no Rollie, then the trenches ghost
Highly anticipated, highly anticipated
Highly anticipated, highly anticipated
This for ya’ll who waited

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[Outro – Dave East]
“They say I’m highly anticipated, uh”
Everyday life
“They say I’m highly anticipated, uh” Uh
“They say I’m highly anticipated, uh” Uh


Produced By: Beat Menace

Released: July 27, 2018

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