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Bones – TheLastTimeWeSpoke Lyrics

Bones – TheLastTimeWeSpoke Lyrics

Bones – TheLastTimeWeSpoke Lyrics

TheLastTimeWeSpoke Lyrics by Bones

[Verse 1]
Sad like a bad Goodbye
Deep down I know it was I that should have died
Regretting the missed calls, just thinking I’ll call tomorrow
I was way too convinced
That you would see another day, and I would do this
Dial digits linked to you, and say I love and I miss you
Now I got issues, same place residential
F–k everybody back home that knew what I did
Don’t say you care about him, then assist his diminish
When I see you it’s butcher knives, like I’m fresh out the kitchen
I promise I ain’t leave the premises till I’m finished
F–k shame, I’ll spit on the corpses of you b—–s

That’s my life, what is here, so

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[Verse 2]
I’m gifted with the mac
Swiftly I attack, burn me I fire back
Flipping like acrobats, going agro
(?) like Spyro
Blunts got me tight-roped, the IRL psycho
Enter my domain, like URL’s now I know
No backspace I make sure no typos
Shut your block down then lift you up like high notes
These ’t buy those, sandals can’t try those
Realistically I probably wouldn’t even drop this
I don’t know what to tell you

Released: August 14,

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