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Bones – ItsAllYourFault Lyrics

Bones – ItsAllYourFault Lyrics

Bones – ItsAllYourFault Lyrics

ItsAllYourFault by Bones

My insecurities swiftly cover me like armor
Tempered so I’m untarnished
The best of the markers stand forever unpunctured
The promised (?) left the scene and now it don’t function
I can handle resentment in abundance
My is made of regrets and sunsets
Reset on my back, I can’t touch it
Won’t go back to the beginning if I had the option

Too much focused on nothing I got to think about living
Just wanted to (?)
Got to think about living, just wanted to (?)

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Produced By: Grea

fReleased: August 14, 2018

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Bones – ItsAllYourFault Lyrics
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