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BlocBoy JB – Who Run It (Remix) Lyrics

BlocBoy JB – Who Run It (Remix) Lyrics


Who Run It Remix Lyrics by BlocBoy JB


[Verse – BlocBoy JB]
Pulled up with that stick
N—a don’t miss
Got your b—h, she on her knees
She gon’ eat the d–k
Sm-sm-smoking strong, that Hercules
You can’t tell me s–t
34 ounces of Barkley
Phoenix versus Knicks
Walk in this b—h with my stack out
Please don’t run, I got the MAC out
This n—a just made me black out
I’m ’bout to box him like Pacquiao
Kurt Angle, I’m making her tap out
Started by pulling them tracks out
This-this-this s–t is fake now
You can get whacked now

Watch in your face tell me how you gon’ act now, b—h
I-I-Ice Ice-Icy, that my jewels
Kick-kick-kick s–t like kung fu
400 rounds in the Rover, n—a who are you?
Put-put-put the car in cruise
And let off 42
You know I’m riding with my dog, just like Scooby-Doo
Riding with my m———-g dogs, bruh
You ain’t got no money, I can’t call ya
Put two up in your back, John Wall ya
All this purple on me homie, I’m a balla

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