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BlocBoy JB – Turnt Up Lyrics

BlocBoy JB – Turnt Up Lyrics

BlocBoy JB – Turnt Up Lyrics

Turnt Up Lyrics by BlocBoy JB

Hah, hah
Tay Keith, f–k these n—-s up
Woo, ayy, I f–k the money, g—–n
Hey “shoot shoot shoot”, hey

I’m so turnt up in this b—h that I might shoot something
Got your b—h, she with the clique, ayy we recruit something
N—a see me in the club, he ain’t do nothing “he a b—h”
‘Cause he know that forty scan him like a coupon “that’s on my mama”
Nike factory, shoe run “shoe run”
Dallas Mavericks, shoot something
D4L shake it like a Laffy Taffy, move something “girl girl girl”
Thousand on Chanel, and 2K on Ballys, do something
Say you got them bales, and you got that sally, prove something
Where that n—a at, hey
I just want his hat, hay
I bring out them racks, and that’s straight facts “word”
He don’t wanna jack I knock his braids straight back
He was pillow talking b—h, I do not play ’bout that “that’s on my mama”
Packs come in sealed “sealed”, cards getting dealed “dealed”
Let’s take it to the day one, I was banging 2Trill “2Trill”

I just hit a lick for a m———–g bike “I’m gone”
Now I’m finna shoot dice, up at (?) “what they hit for?”
N—-s don’t do right, they don’t really f–k with you “word”
Ayy homie can’t f–k with you, c–k back, aim, and bust n—-s
Day one stole from me, that’s why I don’t trust n—-s “f–k ’em”
Smoking gas, good under arm, ayy that’s a must n—a
Make a plan, take a trip, game over
Lil Flip, riding heavy Chevy’s like I’m Lil Tip “T-I-P”
When I see you I’ma up my weapon, make you do a flip
Big guns, I got big guns “word”, my choppers move whips, ayy
No more trapping in the Dova “in the Dova”
She on the vikings, she must be from Minnesota “Minnesota”
She get to hiking when I tell her that it’s over “that it’s over”
And it’s over “and it’s over”, and it’s over “and it’s over”

Hah, hah, hah, hah
Ayy, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
B—h, I come from
A hood where n—-s don’t use no condoms
But you gotta stay strapped though
Hah, gotta knock a n—a off the map though “gotta knock a n—a off the map, b—h”
Hey, n—a playing, gotta tap ho “that’s on my mama”
Riding ’round with the thirty in the trap ho “that’s on my mama”
Where you going? I don’t know
Finna go and f–k a n—a ho “a n—a ho”
Probably do a show the next day or two, I don’t know “I don’t know”
Yeah, Jason just called, he said I got one “I got one”
Four-five on my side, shoot you and your one, ayy

Lil one, we use lil guns and we shoot those “shoot”
N—-s playing games, we gon’ shoot him and his main ho “rrah”
Main ho, never change ho, we a rainbow “huh?”
Nah, we ain’t no rainbow, your b—h she shop at Rainbow “that’s on my mama”
Ooh, she speak Spanglo
Dude, I don’t know ho
Ooh, I just went eight like the ocho
Ooh, I’m so solo
Baby girl you don’t know though
You wasn’t rocking with me when I was rocking four-fours
You wasn’t rocking with me when I was rocking four-fours
You wasn’t rocking with me when I was rocking them four-fours
What’s up, ayy that one be hard as hell
That ho hard as hell


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