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BlocBoy JB – Feature Lyrics

BlocBoy JB – Feature Lyrics

BlocBoy JB – Feature Lyrics

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At least 10 bands for a m———–g feature

At least 10 bands for a feature
be in the hood, well-respected like a preacher
Gucci Louis sneaker
Your b—h, she a eater
I f–k , then leave
You thug because you treat her
Go to the p–n shop then get my mags up
N—-s p—y when they see me they gon’ call for backup
Got that 40 on me homey, I’ma never lack up
Yeah my n—-s moving work, you call tractors
Why n—-s wanna be the big bad wolf?
If a n—a diss the Bloc, he gon’ get his a-s whooped
He gon’ get his f—–g chain took, and his brains took
Body bag him, now his (?), his name Wayne Brook
I (?) for my b—h, now she mad at me
Keep that bag with me, like I’m an athlete
Rollie on my wrist, and I bust down the (?)
And I got pounds of weed, I keep them rounds with me
Wrist froze, ears cold, but my chain and mouth gold
Hide your b—–s, hide your hoes when you see me n—a
And every time you beat your hoe, that’s a DV n—a
Can’t see me, I Stevie n—-s
Glasses on, I 3D n—a

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Chicken, chicken, chicken
Egg, egg, egg
And I’m in this b—h and (?) yeah yeah yeah
Off the dome with it, off the dome with it
N—a playing with the Bloc, he get dome splitted
He get dome splitted, he get dome splitted
If a n—a talking too ignorant, we gon’ shoot 50
We gon’ shoot 50, we gon’ shoot 50
We got (?), we got your boo wit it
I’ma let your boo (?), let the crew hit it
F—–g on your boo boo, and she let the crew hit it
You know what’s going on n—a
You know we blowing strong n—a
Got your b—h in her thong n—a
And you got kiss her when she gets home, n—a
Bloc Bloc Bloc Bloc
It’s Bloc Bloc Bloc Bloc
Yeah, Yeah

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