Beautiful Actress Nadia Buari And Her Success Story

Beautiful Actress Nadia Buari And Her Success Story

Beautiful Actress Nadia Buari And Her Success Story

Gorgeous actress Nadia Buari has a lot of admirers who appreciate her talent. She is often a subject of news and speculations. Here, you can read the full biography of this superstar and find out things about her that you were never aware of! We present to you – the exciting Nadia Buari biography!

Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari biography

Every time the beautiful Nadia Buari appears on the screen, she really lights up all the space around her. She has starred not only in the Ghanaian productions but also went on to play roles in Nigerian movies, produced by Nollywood.

In Ghana, Nadia Buari is considered to be the national pride among acting stars, because she brought her fans so many fascinating movies. The biography of Nadia Buari is full of ups and downs, and it is really inspiring for those who would like to be a recognizable actor like her. So, you can read how Nadia achieved her great success!

She was born on November 21, 1982. Nadia Buari age is 35 years old. The native town of Nadia was Takoradi in the western part of Ghana. “Nadia” means “Hope”. Nadia Buari parents had her out of wedlock, as most of the news outlets state. The biological father of the actress comes from Lebanon.

They later separated with her mother, who is a beautician from Ghana named Hajia Buari. She later married Alhaji Sidiku Buari, who raised Nadia as his own child and adopted her. Nadia also has five siblings: three brothers, Malik, Jeed and Jameel, and two sisters, Shaida and Aysha.

Nadia’s stepfather had a lot of talents. He was not just a musician, but also producer and president of the music union, where he worked for eight years. Later, he took up a position of the vice-president of IFM (International Federation of Musicians). His multiple jobs and abilities had a huge impact on Nadia.

She decided to follow her stepfather’s footsteps. She made a firm decision to be involved in the entertainment industry when she grows up. Throughout her young school years, Nadia was an active participant of the school dancing and drama clubs.

The native high school of Nadia Buari was Mfantsiman Girls. To improve her entertainment skills, Nadia Buari studiedFine Arts at the University of Ghana, Legon, from which she graduated with the BFA degree. The secret of Nadia Buari’s success, as she is certain, is self-motivation. Encouraging herself has greatly helped her at the beginning of her career.

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Beautiful Actress Nadia Buari And Her Success Story

Nadia Buari movie career

The long and fruitful path of Nadia Buari in movies started in 2005 when she debuted on Ghanaian national television. Her first series was called “Games People Play”, and it came out in late 2005 on screens. This was a kick-off of Nadia’s productive career, and this role got her a nomination for “Best Actress”.

The first big movie production which featured Nadia Buari was called “Mummy’s Daughter”. Afterwards, her career blossomed even more, and she got a role in the movie “Beyonce – The President’s Daughter.” This role made her a national star and proved to everyone that she is really talented.

After she made a lot of noise in the Ghallywood movie industry, Nadia Buari decided to move to Nollywood and work as an actress in Nigeria. Her big move happened in 2008. The breakthrough role that made Nadia famous and highly demanded in Nollywood was in the movie “Beyonce and Rihanna”, where she played Beyonce, and the famous Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde appeared alongside her as Rihanna.

As of today, Nadia Buari as acted in more than forty movies. Some of the most popular films that she was featured in includes, “Beyonce and Rihanna”, “Behind a Smile” and “Hot Romance”, as well as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Rough Rider”, “Single and Married”, and “Holding Hope”. A few of her most remarkable movies featured the Nigerian actor Jim Iyke, who she has amazing chemistry with.

Nadia Buari was awarded for her hard work many times. For instance, she received two prestigious nominations for “Best Actress” at the African Movie Academy award ceremony and won the “Pan African Actress” at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, which were held in New York in 2013. Except for being an actress, Nadia Buari is also a movie producer – in 2013, she released a movie of her own, called “The Diary of Imogen Brown”.

This production gained huge popularity among Nigerians and Ghanaians. Nadia Buari was even given a special recognition award at the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards in 2014, held in Accra, Ghana. The viewers appreciated how much work Nadia has put into making her own movie.

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This actress is the biggest superstar of her family, but she is not the only one. For instance, her big sister, Shaida, is quite popular too in the beauty pageant world. She used to be a beauty queen and won the contest “Miss Ghana 2002”, and then became the finalist of “Miss World.” She is now married to a Nigerian man. Other siblings of Nadia Buari are also involved in show business, probably influenced by their father.

Nadia is also an ambassador for “Tablet India Limited” (TML), which is a popular medical manufacturer. She is the CEO of a few big companies, such as Resolution Security Limited (RSL), and NSB Investment Limited, she also runs NSB Productions.

Aside from this, Nadia proved her love for children by opening the diapers business, which is directed at supporting the needs of mothers and children all over the continent. Now, her company is one of the biggest diaper manufacturers in Africa.

Beautiful Actress Nadia Buari And Her Success Story

Nadia Buari children and personal

There have been a lot of discussions and speculations about Nadia Buari’s personal life. People believed that someone as beautiful and talented as her needs to have a man who is worth her. In January 2014, the rumors about her romantic relationship with the fellow co-star Jim Iyke were all over the media.

Things became even more heated when Jim Iyke reportedly proposed to her in March 2014, and the entire acting community was waiting for their gorgeous wedding. Unfortunately, the union was not as stable as it seemed to be, so the wedding did not happen in the end. Jim and Nadia split up due to a lot of differences.

In February 2015, the news that Nadia has become a mother struck the media. And she did not have just one child, but two at once. It was reported that Nadia Buari gave birth to little twin girls in the United States. The actress was aware that the media will want as much information as possible about her children and tried her best to protect them from the outlets by refusing to share anything about them.

Still, the fans suggested some theories about Nadia Buari’s newborn twin girls. Some people were certain that they have been born prematurely, because in December 2014, when the public photos of Nadia were released, there were no signs of pregnancy. But of course, the biggest concern that worried the fans was the identity of Nadia’s partner, the father of her babies.

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The different versions started to appear on the media about Nadia’s lover. Mostly, people assumed that the children are from Jim Iyke, but this was quickly denied. Besides, Jim Iyke already had a family by the time he and Nadia split up. Another person that Nadia Buari reportedly dated was the famous Ghanaian footballer Michael Essien, but these rumors were also dispelled. The reports stated that Michael and Nadia broke up, and he started dating someone else.

Nadia is known in Nollywood and Ghanaian movie circles as a very private person, who does not share a lot of her life with her fans and the media. However, sometimes she would share the photos of a mysterious man, who was supposedly her husband.

The rumors stated that he is not actually from Ghana – according to the most popular version, he is either Dutch or American, and he studied at the university with Nadia. There was nothing known about him, not even his name, but it looked like Nadia really appreciated him being a part of her life.

She once posted a cute photo with him and their children on Father’s Day, where she nicknamed him “the king of her castle”. Though, she later deleted the picture. From what we know about this man, he loves Nadia so much that he actually tattooed her name on his neck, and Nadia’s mother is fully supportive of this union.

In July 2018, the impressive news regarding Nadia Buari hit the Internet. The actress made a big revelation about her family. She said that, in fact, she has not just two daughters like everyone thinks, but four. Nadia Buari stated that her first-born twins came to this world in 2015, and later, in February 2017, she gave birth to another girl. The youngest baby girl of Nadia was born in January 2018.

Hopefully, you learnt something new about this amazing actress.

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