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Asian Doll – Queen of Nightmares Lyrics

Asian Doll – Queen of Nightmares Lyrics

Asian Doll – Queen of Nightmares Lyrics

Queen of Nightmares Lyrics by Asian Doll

I like this Asian Doll!
Aye, I just got to get some s–t straight man
A lot of y’all don’t even really f—–g know me
Da Doll Way!

N—-s thinking we the same, nah b—h you must be drunk or some
I did my research, you was home hugged up or some
Now you rap all of a sudden. Hoes tough or some?
I think a lot of y’all got me f—-d up or some
This f—–g label got a b—h leered up out West
Hold up lemme get this n—a beard off my dress
They saw I up’d the .30 make them cheer up I bet
Ayo sauce let me get some s–t up off my chest
Moms caught a case she up in the jail thuggin
Had to move him out here, they was tough on my lil brother

I promise you where I’m from you’ll be lucky to sell water
I ain’t a rapper, f–k you and that XXL cover
Standing over the stove in a lil kitchen
Hooked up with Beecher Boys, I’m a lil richer
But I ain’t sounding like no doll, I’m a little bigger
I originated this s–t, I’m little Richard
14 on my own, I was swerving out
Had to wrap it up, cause it was smellin like I was serving trap
Believe all of what you see and half word of mouth
Cause I done caught a few body’s like I’m working out

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And I ain’t out here f—–g all them rap n—-s
I hit the block middle school it was a wrap n—a
What you know about eating out of the trash n—a
Caught him by himself I ain’t wear a mask n—a
These n—-s asking me questions like we in preschool
Shade me and they hate me, see me and try to play it cool
And that’s all imma say, read between the lines
Imma have to do you too if you see the crime
They be thinking that I’m Haitian
I done seen the packs move like it’s my grave shift
Seen a b—h get stomped right out of her braces

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I got something for her, but chicken the favorite
Know some n—-s that’s wildin in Tennessee
Know some n—-s that’s bond to listen to me
Rolling loud booking all of my mini me’s
They got me f—-d up! I’m the Queen Of Any Teen!
Selling s–t, I make guapo like everyday
Detach a n—a skull from his vertebrae
The style is pretty big, I seen you with the metal
Every hour I live, I see it on my schedule
Mascara and wigs don’t mean you on my level
Wanna f–k me n—a? Dream on!
What up gangsta, 50 cent that’s my theme song

B—h when you was in the house playing ping pong
I was gettin to it in a drop with them thangs on
B—h we at the awards shows saucin’ with my mink on
Did a song with that rap b—h, who ain’t really nasty
Smoked a blunt, and that b—h didn’t match me
Caught her at the Walmart, that b—h was lackin
Left her scarred on her face, like acne
Gotcha n—a on my phone, he wanna be with me
Said he always loved me, he wanna be Whitney
N—-s left and came back, I call them team frisbee

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I got these rap b—–s scared like a 360
Everything I’ma f—–g do, I’ma do major
Where my f—–g dogs at?
Woof, woof, Asian!
Cartier bracelets, Chanel and Gucci
N—-s doing anything just to smell my coochie
I ain’t tryna go pop, I’m tryna got block
Baking soda and some water, b—h I’m tryna go rock
Yeah, I got a lot of challenges
Imma eat, make you b—–s lose weight like Khalid did
The girl came along way, with my mileages
I see myself with Madonna at Jimmy Fallon crib
And we all gotta go, so n—a why fear?
A lot of y’all stalkin my page and getting ideas
But it’s cool tho, you the least one I fear
Asian Doll, I got the s–t that the streets wanna hear!

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