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AKA – Practice Lyrics

AKA – Practice Lyrics

AKA – Practice Lyrics

Practice Lyrics by AKA

[Intro – Allen Iverson]
We sitting here, I’m supposed to be the franchise player
And we in here talking about PRACTICE?
I mean, listen we talking about practice
Not a game, not not not the game that I
I got out there and die for
And play every game like is my last not the game
We talking about practice man

[Verse 1]
Cover the flash on these cameras
I manufacture street anthems
What we talkin about? Huh?
Practice? Or Lights Camera Action
When I get active. Passion
Never went out of a Fashion
Something Like Reebok Classics
Too many sleepless nights I sacrifice to fall off top like dandruff
ASAP with the bag G!
Yeah I rap but they pay me like an Athlete
Plat plat was the goal, now i got three
Grand track for the gold, on my neck piece
Keep It Sexy, Flexy
But taking it slowly never impress me
That’s why I got the game by the testies
King Forbes when you address me

[Hook/Chorus 1 – Allen Iverson]
Anybody tell you that i missed practice
If the coach said i miss practice, then y’all hear it then, that’s that
I mean I might miss one practice this year
But its its its its easy to, to talk about it
Its easy to sum it up
We talking about practice man!

[Verse 2]
How many ways to get this paper
No other breaks, No Vacations
My daughter’s face is motivation
Do you got what it takes to be a great one?
No Pain, No Gain
This shit is 10% of Champagne
Balmain, 90% heartbreak
I don’t play no games, This ain’t no Arcade
It was dark days
Now I’m busy living like Scarface
Now I’m looking for a house with way more garage space
All i need is Beyonce, then I’m straight
You don’t want to go against me
Cause my 16’s will give you chesties
Longevity, thats Classic
Supa Megacy, Black Magic

[Hook/Chorus 3 – Allen Iverson]
Out of all practices this year? that’s enough
I mean how silly is that? man we talking bout practice!
If I can’t practice, i can’t practice man!
I’m hurt! I’m hurt, simple as that
Not the game that I, I go out there and die for
It’s not the game!
We talking bout practice man!

[Verse 3]
Everything I ever did I had to win
Working on my tactics I was shooting in the gym
I’m just trying to elevate the stature
Always seen the bigger picture on the plasma
Open up the safe!
I’m running out of space like NASA
Same thing with my trophy cabinet
Captain, my captain take us international
Lead us to a Championship you a natural!
Top boyz Sound, watch out (?)
Top 2, not 2
It’s time to tango, Boss moves
I break rules and break ankles
Can’t lose, I drop jewels at tight angles
I was made for this shit, Can you believe I get paid for this shit?
I might just need a parade for this shit!
It’s time to call it a day with this Shit!

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