A-Reece – Rich Lyrics

A reece

A reece

Rich Lyrics by A-Reece

[Verse 1]
Babyboi make it look easy, I’m working like I can’t afford to go holiday
When I moved out of the city they said I won’t make it, I told them, “I’ll find a way”
Ever since then I’ve been loyal and true to myself, I don’t care what you’ve got to say
I think you better off far away riding a wave, my flow like a water way

Studio set up wherever we at, I rap, put out and make racks, yeah
Pin up the city on top of the map and you just woke up from your nap, yeah
They put up 20 I tell them to double it we cannot keep it at that, yeah
F—–g this s–t up already, I ain’t even started they saying I’m back, yeah
Haven’t been home for a minute, I owe Ma a visit I miss being with her, yeah

She been outside taking pictures cause I’m getting bigger I guess we don’t differ, yeah

She say that I’m all that I need, so if I need advice I speak to the mirror
I already know what they plotting this season no secret been plotting on twiter
Claiming to call up your hitters, pshh
We could pay em and make em my hitters
TWC in the building and we (?)
Let me explain so you get it, if she ain’t with you she with us
Man I thought that s–t a given
Young n—a look how we living

[Skit – Bob Marley & Reporter From 60 minutes (Channel nine Australia) 1979]
Reporter: Are you a rich man?
Bob Marley: What you mean rich, what ya mean?
Reporter: Do you have a lot of possessions? Lot of money in the bank?
Bob Marley: Possession make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness. My richness is life,

[Verse 2]
If I only had one wish, I’d wish that me and my n—-s get rich, yeah
Praying my enemies live no s–t, they say that you get what you give, yeah
I’m never out making friends, that’s it man I’m just avoiding pretence, yeah
My work is 10 out of 10 admit it ya’ll are not anywhere near, yeah

Look how I pose for the lens, I’m the only one posing a threat, yeah
Game in the palm of my hands, did all that s–t off the neck, yeah
F–k who you thinking is next, who comes after me be the (?)
I don’t rehearse I don’t prep, yeah
Let em all know I’m the best, wooh!

[Outro – Reporter From 60 minutes (Channel nine Australia) 1979]
Do you have a lot of possessions? Lot of money in the bank?

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