$900,000 worth of jewellery stolen from Saudi princess’ hotel suite

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A Saudi princess has reported the theft of jewellery worth $930,000 from her suite at the Ritz hotel in Paris, a police source said on Monday.

The woman, who was not named, said the jewellery was taken on Friday afternoon.

The source said there were no signs that the room had been broken into.

The woman told prosecutors the belongings were not left in the room’s safe.

A spokesman for the Ritz declined to comment.

If confirmed, it would be the second heist from the chic hotel on Paris’s Place Vendome this year.

In January, axe-bearing thieves burst into the lobby and stole millions of dollars worth of necklaces and other jewellery from display cases.

Police managed to catch three of them inside, and two others who escaped on a scooter ended up dropping a bag of their loot.

All the pieces of pieces of jewellery were eventually recovered.

Armed thefts are not uncommon in the area, where dozens of luxury boutiques and jewellery stores line the streets.

In December 2017, a man was able to substitute two diamonds and two rings worth 5.5 million euros in a jewellery store, replacing them with cheap fakes.

In October 2016, reality TV star Kim Kardashian was the victim of a robbery 10 minutes walk from the Ritz, in which millions of dollars’ worth of her jewellery were stolen.

Police now keep a permanent presence in the neighbourhood, but that has done little to deter determined robbers.

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