5 Celebrities Who Broke Up With Their Partners In Year 2018 (Photos)

5 Celebrities Who Broke Up With Their Partners In Year 2018 (Photos)

5 Celebrities Who Broke Up With Their Partners In Year 2018 (Photos)

The year 2018 saw a lot of Nigerian celebrity marriages. Love really happened as many celebrities from different parts of the entertainment industry got attracted to one another and walked down the aisle in elaborate weddings. But then, just as there were hook-ups, there were also break-ups.

In truth, love was duly appreciated by celebrities in the year 2018. But a coin always has two sides to it. Hence, on the other extreme, several famous stars and divas also ended their relationships with their partners.

Some of these celebrities were not necessarily married to these partners, but they had such a promising relationship that many thought would be sustained for a long time. Others who have been married for a long while put an end to their marriage this year.

While it is sad that these famous Nigerians who many look up to have problems in their various relationships, it is also necessary to highlight their failures and weaknesses in this regard. Hence, GLtrends has compiled a list of five celebrities who broke up one way or the other in the year 2018.

1. IK Ogbonna and Sonia M0rales

That Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna and his wife Sonia would ever have any issue in their marriage was unexpected. But believe it or not, the couple who have always dazzled many with the wonderful love they had for each other are reportedly separated.

At first, it was a sheer rumour that was stirred up when Sonia began to post pictures of herself and her son alone. These photos which were nothing short of beautiful were taken in some sort of holiday spot near the Mediterranean sea.

5 Celebrities Who Broke Up With Their Partners In Year 2018 (Photos)

As speculations began to arise, the beautiful Columbian lady threw another dice on the table – she changed the surname on her Instagram page. Just when people were just waking up from this trance, the lady went on to show off her hands, and surprisingly, there was no ring on it.

Beyond doubt, the rumour that she was separated from her husband began to solidify. Time and time again, IK Ogbonna also took to his Instagram page to confirm that his marriage was undergoing some issues which he hoped would be resolved soon.

2. Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

In the past, the name Juliet Ibrahim was usually synonymous to the name Iceberg Slim. This was because the Ghanaian actress and the Nigerian rapper were known to be what is called five and six.

5 Celebrities Who Broke Up With Their Partners In Year 2018 (Photos)

Not only were they just dating, they were also known to be very close. However, recently, Juliet Ibrahim took to her page to announce that she had broken up from the man who used to be the love of her life. This unexpected breakup shook many people and generated a lot of controversy while it lasted.

3. Nikki Laoye and Alex Oturu

Nikki Laoye is a gospel singer with a very angelic voice. The lady got married to Alex Oturu in December, 2011, and since then, they have been going strong. But after six years of marriage, their relationship has reportedly crashed. According to a particular family member, the couple separated about a year ago as they started living in different places.

5 Celebrities Who Broke Up With Their Partners In Year 2018 (Photos)

3. Nikki Laoye and husband Alex Oturu Source: uncova.com

Even more, they have been spotted on several occasions without their wedding bands. The couple who had no children together is said to have begun their divorce proceedings, but as at now, they have decided to let sleeping dogs lie and remain good friends. Their relationship was said to have been dissolved based on irreconcilable differences.

4. BBNaija Breakups

The season two of reality TV show Big Brother Nigeria happened this year, and like always, alliances were formed, friendships were built and romantic relationships were sparked. Some of these love affairs were so strong, deep and highly favoured by the public that many actually thought they were going to be sustained even after the end of the show.

5 Celebrities Who Broke Up With Their Partners In Year 2018 (Photos)

One of the relationships in the house which many had hopes for was the one between Nina and Miracle. But surprisingly, the affair between the duo ended in a disappointing fashion. In fact, it generated so much controversy and nearly damaged the friends Nina courted after the show.

Most notably, she had a fallout with popular celebrity fashion designer Toyin Lawani who had been a staunch supporter of hers and had even given her a car.

5. Toyin Abraham’s crashed engagement

True enough, Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham is known to have had relationships with some notable people in the Nigerian movie industry. First, there was Seun Legbegbe, and then, there was her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson.

These two relationships crashed in a very messy way. Steering away from dating celebrities like herself, Toyin turned to the corporate world and started dating a lawyer. Good enough, they got engaged and the excited actress displayed her engagement ring.

However, it has been gathered that the supposed engagement with the lawyer boyfriend has also crashed. This news about the foiled relationship was only recently discovered.

Talking about Toyin, her messy breakup with her former spouse Adeniyi was rekindled this month as the man took to accusing her of refusing to let him go even after three years. According to him, she was deliberately slowing down on signing the divorce papers.

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