3 Ways to Block Your Stolen Phone in Nigeria

3 Ways to Block Your Stolen Phone in Nigeria

3 Ways to Block Your Stolen Phone in Nigeria

Thieves love smartphones (especially expensive models). What should you do if you suddenly notice your phone is lost or stolen? How to block a stolen phone in Nigeria? Is it something simple or hard to do? Is it possible to perform the task without IMEI and by using IMEI code? Find all the answers in our post below.

Every day someone loses his or her phone. This happens all across the world, including Nigeria and other African countries. Some people are able to track their stolen device. Others forget about such options and simply decide to purchase a different device instead.

 However, if this is a valuable gadget and it contains important data (impressive memories, imagines, contact list), do not let thieves get their hands on it. Simply block the device (distantly) and protect yourself. We are about to tell you how you can block your phone in case it is stolen or lost.


Firstly, you need to understand what IMEI is. We will be quick to explain this. IMEI are the four letters that stay for the unique identifier of the mobile device. Every phone has its IMEI code. It has nothing to do with your SIM card because IMEI is also with the phone even if a thieve takes the SIM out or replaces it with his own card.

 Everyone can see their IMEI by calling a short number *#06# – the number (sometimes two numbers) will be displayed right on your screen. You would say, ‘How to block my stolen phone if I cannot use it to find the IMEI number?’ There is no need to write it down or remember. Your identifier is written on the original gadget’s box – so keep the boxes for all new phones you purchase, just in case. Once again, do not worry if you have no phone and no box because below we will tell you how to block a phone without IMEI.

By the way, it is usually completely free for the device owner to request its remote blocking.


  1. As soon as you notice that you have no phone anymore, you need to visit your closest police office in Nigeria and file a report about missing or lost mobile device.
  2. Let the police know your IMEI number so that they can try to track and locate it for you. Sometimes, however, it is impossible to trace lost and stolen gadgets.
  3. If tracking and location of a phone are impossible even with the help of police, you should call your mobile operator customer service and tell them your phone is lost or stolen and needs to be blocked by IMEI code. Your carrier will ask for a copy of a police report and your information. Provide the documents and your gadget will be distantly blocked by your operator.
 Each blocked gadget cannot be used on a different network since carriers share a database of blocked devices. Besides, whoever finds or has your lost device won’t be able to access your financial details and personal information.

Now let us say your phone is stolen or lost but you don’t know its IMEI number and don’t have that box your phone came in. How is it possible to block such a device in Nigeria?


Contact the carrier whose SIM you have inserted into your phone. They will not be able to block your device, but they can at least block your SIM card. This way you will not be suddenly surprised by a huge bill made by a person who has found and kept using your device (making phone calls, sending text messages, and surfing the web).


If you own any authorized phone from a Nigerian mobile network, you can easily ask the mobile operator to block your device even without telling them your IMEI number. How is it possible? Mobile networks can access the ‘call list’ of their clients with authorized gadgets purchased from this network. If this is your case, the company has to confirm your identity (make sure that you are the original device owner) and then it can block your gadget. All you have to do is make a request through customer support and identify yourself.

Phone block process usually takes up to 48 hours. Such blocked gadget won’t be accessible through any other mobile network, so whoever has your device won’t be able to make calls and use the mobile network.

By the way, authorized phone users who have a legit insurance on their device can request a device replacement. It would cost you some money, but you will end up with a new replacement of the phone.

You see that there is a solution if you notice that your phone is no longer with you. We explained how to block a stolen phone in Nigeria, so follow the methods above and you will protect your personal information from being used by third-party persons.

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