129 countries sign up to Donald Trump’s pledge at UN to drugs fight

129 countries sign up to Donald Trump's pledge at UN to drugs fight
Donald Trump - Nikki Haley

No fewer than 129 countries at the United Nations signed on to a United States-drafted pledge to fight the global drug problem yesterday that U.S. President Donald Trump warned presented a public health and national security threat.

In order to attend the brief U.N. event with Trump, countries had to sign the one-page “call to action on the world drug problem.” Trump held a similar event at the annual gathering of world leaders in New York last year, focused on U.N. reform.

Trump, who has long been wary of the value of the United Nations, noted on Monday that the world body’s “potential is being met, slowly but surely, it’s being met.” Countries signing the nonbinding U.S. statement pledged to develop national action plans to reduce demand for illicit drugs through education, expand treatment efforts, strengthen international cooperation on justice, law enforcement and health, and cut off the supply by stopping production.

“If we take these steps together, we can save the lives of countless people in all corners of the world,” Trump said in brief remarks.

“Illicit drugs are linked to organized crime, illegal financial flows, corruption and terrorism. It’s vital for public health and national security that we fight drug addiction and stop all forms of trafficking and smuggling that provide the financial lifeblood for vicious transnational cartels,” he said.

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