11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Not Adding Any Value To Your Life

11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Not Adding Any Value To Your Life

11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Not Adding Any Value To Your Life

When you get into a relationship, it is not just about the fun.
A relationship is meant to nurture you, inspire you and be a valuable part of your life. If it is not adding to your life then it means it is taking something away from you. Men claim to be the heads of families and relationships, while in the midst of their macho like behavior they don’t want the responsibility that comes with it. You must know at the back of your head whether you have a useful man or a useless one. In case you’re not sure, here are signs your boyfriend is not adding any value to your life.

1. He doesn’t help you with your weaknesses.
He is meant to help you curb your weaknesses. I don’t mean control you but the advice you. For instance, if you drink too much and all he does is buy you more liquor then is that someone who cares? A man who wants a future with you will try to help you grow and become better and not enable you.

2. He doesn’t inspire you to move up career wise.
It is either because he is already so comfortable with where he is in life or he doesn’t care about your career goals. A man should challenge you so you don’t get stuck in a rut.

3. He is only good for s*x, alcohol and food.
If all he does is buy food, have s*x and alcohol then what makes him special? I bet you can buy these things, as a matter of fact, most people can buy for you these things. This is not a big deal so don’t let anyone make you feel as if it is.

4. He doesn’t spurt your spiritual growth.
A spiritual life is important, if all he does is actually make you spiritually weaker then he needs to up his game. A spiritual life is important, whether it is Hindu or Christianity, he should try add value in this department.

5. You can never rely on him.
You can’t call him when you’re in trouble or need a quick loan. He is unreliable.

6. He sometimes goes missing in action and you even wonder if you’re still together.
You need to communicate while in a relationship and a guy who makes you feel as if it’s such a big deal is not worth keeping.

7. He doesn’t correct you when you’re on the wrong.
A man who can’t stand up to you and challenge your mistakes is someone who will watch you walk right into a storm while smiling. A guy who allows you to be right even when you know you’re wrong is not a man.

8. You have been together for a while but he can’t plan a future with you.
He doesn’t care, you’re the only one making plans instead and you wonder why.

9. He simply can never treat you to anything nice.
He can’t spend money on you yet he has money to spend. He can buy many bottles of expensive booze but he can never use money for your dinners or anything else.

10. He doesn’t listen to you when you’re airing your issues.
He never pays attention to you so you can’t even go talk to him when you want to vent. So what kind of man is this?

11. You feel like you’re alone in the relationship.
You feel lonely while you’re meant to have a partner, you would rather be alone than have someone who isn’t there for you.

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