10 Major Things Linda Ikeji Said In Her Post Concerning Her Baby-daddy

10 Major Things Linda Ikeji Said In Her Post Concerning Her Baby-daddy

10 Major Things Linda Ikeji Said In Her Post Concerning Her Baby-daddy

Popular celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, has opened up on her relationship and pregnancy with her baby daddy Sholaye Jeremi.

In a lengthy post released this morning, Linda broke down the series of events that led to her meeting the father of her son and the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and birth of the 4-month-old, Jayce Jeremi.

Here are 10 major things she said :

1. She met her baby daddy on December 26, 2015 at Wheatbaker Restaurant in Ikoyi, Lagos. “The father of my child is a single man and his name is Sholaye Jeremi. To be honest, at some point I thought he was my final bus stop but you know how life happens…lol. Unfortunately, he and I are a completely closed chapter. Sadly for our son Jayce, it’s the kind of chapter that can’t ever be opened again.”

2. A few weeks after they met, he started calling her Linda Ikeji Jeremi. According to her, “It was a whirlwind romance” that suddenly ended as he felt threatened because of her “public figure”.

3. Linda and Jeremi tried getting back in 2016 as the on and off started but her fame remained an issue. She said “…and I kept going back. Lol. So I was basically going back to my ex because I couldn’t find anyone else. *sigh*”.

4. Though they had discussed having a baby together, things became extremely weird and confusing when she became pregnant.

5. When she was three months gone, Linda said Jeremi came to meet her parents and things began looking good. He also suggested she had her antenatal in Dubai. He also agreed to traditional wedding rites which he did not follow through with saying ‘He began to treat me with so much hate and aggression that I and my family had to cut him off completely.”

6. Like making up for her heartbreak, Linda revealed that her pregnancy with Jayce was extremely easy. She pushed her baby out in less than three minutes and was in the labour room for less than 30 minutes. “Then my snapback was amazing. Three weeks later, it was almost as if I’d never been pregnant,” she added.

7. Despite having their son outside wedlock, Linda insists she is happy with it. “But still, I have absolutely no iota of regret meeting Sholaye. Gosh, have you seen Jayce? How can I regret that? God doesn’t make mistakes.”

8. Linda also says meeting Sholaye was God’s plan even if they didn’t get married.”God led me to this man for whatever reasons best known to Him. I thought God sent him as my life partner but I guess He just used him as a vessel for my greatest blessing,” she said.

9. She decided to tell her story for the sake of young girls who look up to her as a mentor. Her advise – “Don’t fight for closure, don’t ask for explanations, don’t chase answers.”

10. She said she still looked forward to having a family of hers. “Being a single mum wasn’t the dream I had for myself; I’d prayed for the kind of happy home my parents built for us (they’ve been together for 40 years). Nothing is more important to me than family”.

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